Find Out How Olympic Weightlifting Can Help You

Olympic weightlifting is beneficial to everyone, including athletes, weight lifters, and everyday exercisers.

Whether your goal is to improve your performance, your body appearance, or wanting a new, dynamic, full-body workout, Olympic lifts are for you.


Olympic Weightlifting is a sport that the athletes lift a loaded barbell from the floor to an overhead position in an explosive manner.

The two lifts, the ‘Clean & Jerk’ and the ‘Snatch’ are explosive movements as they need a combination of maximal strength and speed.

These two exercises and their variations are an effective method for enhancing performance.


1. You will increase your power

Power is the ability to display strength along with speed. The Olympic-style movements are great for enhancing this ability.

With the powerful movements, you will work the fast-twitch fibers of your muscles, helping you to accelerate faster and recruit more muscle fibers to work.

2. Prepare to jump higher

Olympic-style movements strengthen the muscles responsible for quick explosive movements we sometimes demand from our bodies. Jumping is one of those such movements – if you perform a jump slowly, then you are unlikely to leave the ground.

Olympic lifts help by mimicking the fast contractions our bodies need to make to quickly move ourselves and other weight against gravity.

3. Increases starting strengh (speed)

As we age, we see a reduction in power production and starting strength. Do you want to be able to get out of a chair without using your hands and arms for help? Then it’s time to consider exercises for power and speed to increase your starting strength.

4. You will improve your body

Olympic lifts burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time. They involve the usage of many different muscle groups at the same time.

Engaging many large muscle groups in a short amount of time help yield the best caloric expenditure.

5. It improves your Core Strength and Stability

Olympic-style movements involve a lot of core stability and strength. The core is the foundation of the strength of all the body. It helps you keep the body upright and gives a source of balance.

Your “core” is more than your abdominals, including glutes, lower back, and obliques. Olympic lifts leave no muscle untouched, as they need strict form and sequence to optimize power production.



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